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Product changes

New feature

Beacons and QR Codes - New ways to log time & attendance

Admins now have the ability to add either a QR code or a Beacon to a specific location for a quick, easy and reliable way for employees to clock in and out. This information then gets pushed directly to their Timesheets on the People planner, so you can build an instant report on clock in and out times - no more paper timesheets flying about!

But how does it work?

This works through bluetooth, so the beacon can detect when an employee is within range. By fitting a beacon at your place of work, usually by the entrance, it will log on People Timesheets when an employee is within the beacon zone. This is great for admins who want to know which members of staff were where on a certain day. 

Now you don't have to worry about employee's forgetting to clock in and out.

QR scanner 
After setting up your office locations, you can generate a QR code for each one so that you can then print it and stick somewhere by the entrance. 

As an employee is walking into work, they can just slip their phone from their pocket, open the app and scan the code as they walk by. Immediately after, their clock in time is logged in their planner for admins and managers to view. 

Take a look at the article linked here to learn more: 

To view all options a People® admin can choose from for their employees to log working hours, please see:

Here's our Managing Director providing  an overview of the Time package and what it includes:

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