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Product changes

New feature

Make impact with custom explosive reports

As well as the pre-designed HR infographics that you have always been able to generate within People®, we have now launched a tool that lets you design your own: The Report Writer.

Helping you generate explosive HR reports that turn heads and make impact, has always been one of the top items on our agenda. And since the day we launched People®, you've had the option to generate attention-grabbing infographics that tell stories with your HR data.

But now, we are handing over the power of design to you, with the Report Writer!

Watch the video above, for a short introduction to the Report Writer from our product manager Sam, and our customer services director Rani.

Design your own custom reports with your HR data

With the Report Writer, you can choose exactly how you want to present the data from your queries - in whichever way will make the most memorable impression when you share it:

  • Easy drag and drop report designer
  • Choose from lots of graphs and charts
  • Make it visual - browse our image library or upload your own
  • Play with different colours and designs
  • Stretch, resize and drag around the screen until your report looks perfect

For a full guide on how to use the Report Writer, visit the dedicated article on our help site here:

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