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28th April 2022 Release

This release’s focus has been on stabilising the system, Access identity for Mobile and bug fixes.

Whats New?

Mobile App – Access Identity  

As we continue to bring all our products under our common authentication process of Access Identity, we are now ready to turn on Access Identity for our Android and IOS mobile applications. There is no action required by administrators and you will only have identity turned on for PeopleHR mobile app users if you already have Identity in use on your web application.  

All users, when they log in next, will be required to set a new password for their mobile app and will be guided through this short process by the application. User will continue to be able to authenticate using their device biometrics following this change. Once it is made, there is no further impact to users, they will just log in using Identity going forwards.  

We will be rolling out identity on mobile in stages and you can expect to log in with Access identity for the first time on mobile over the next two weeks.  

If you have not yet migrated your organisation to Access Identity, you need to complete this by the 30th April. Please contact for support to request your migration.  


Enhancement to allow same day bookings of holiday and TOIL for these to be used together to book a day/ hours using both available annual leave entitlement and TOIL allowance.

There have also been a high level number of bug fixes applied to the software with this release.


PeopleHR Product team

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