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Product changes

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24th February 2022 Release 

This release mainly includes lots of backend performance fixes that you won't be able to see, however, here are some of the enhancements that you will see: 

Query Builder:

  • New filter ‘Today’ added for salary created date.

  • 'X Days before' and 'X Days after' filter options added. 

These filters would be used to find something exactly X Days away or X Days ago in the system. 

  • The option to download reports in .xls format. 

  • The option to report on 'Agency' within the ATS area.

Merge tags:

New merge tags:

  •  [[Job Role Effective Date]]: Format MM/DD/YYYY 
  •  [[Birthday]]: Format DD/MM 

For further information on these areas check out our help articles:

Query builder -

Locating merge tags - 

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