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Product changes


Building queries just got better

Our developers have built some enhancements to the Query Builder to make it easier to use and include more queriable information from your HR system.

Firstly, you can now prevent your colleagues who can access Query Builder from editing that query you spent ages building, by locking it. You can also build queries minus employee names, so reporting more anonymously is a little bit easier. Also, If you wanted to, you now have the ability to give extended access to a colleague, for them to only execute queries. Filters in the query builder have improved too.

You can also report on the edit access rights area of your system, to display who has what access to where. Your notifications admin won't be the only person to receive reminders about the query builder - instead, reminders will go to whoever built the query. 

And finally, you can now query the vacancy job board URL. Why not go test some of the changes out? Let us know what you think!

Find out more details about queries and reporting on the People HR help site.

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