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Product changes


Time to start recruiting again?

Hopefully you’re all back up and running after a tough few months. 

For many organisations, recruitment has been on pause during lockdown. And for those who have already started hiring again, recruitment is looking quite different. For example, there are fewer face to face interviews taking place. But perhaps the biggest difference our customers have noticed when filling roles, is the sheer volume of applications. 

More people than ever are looking for work. And as well as more applicants, you may also notice people applying for jobs that are not necessarily in their usual area of interest.

We’ve taken the time during lockdown to improve our Applicant Tracking System. This means that as soon as you’re ready to hit the ‘play’ button, you’ll enjoy a smoother, faster and more organised hiring process.

The changes are now live. Here’s what is new: 

Report on vacancy views with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a leading web analytics service, powered by tech giant Google. It tracks the traffic to your website, and reports back on what people are getting up to.

With the latest release, you can now link your People HR vacancies to your Google Analytics page. This will give you greater visibility over your recruitment process, and will let you see things like who is viewing your vacancy, and when.

Ask new types of questions

We’ve added a load of new field types for you to choose from when creating a new vacancy. This will let you improve the look of your applicant form, as well as capture answers in certain ways.

For example, the new format validator will let you request answers in a specific format, whilst signature fields and checkboxes could become a great way to include things like GDPR disclaimers on your application forms.

Because of these changes, we have also improved the way things look to the candidate, by expanding the size of the application screen. This should make things clearer and faster for them, when they apply for one of your vacancies.

Has anything else changed?

We’ve made a few more tweaks to your ATS to enhance your experience. These include: 

  • The ability to move the “Awaiting Approval” pipeline stage

  • A new “Closing Date” column on the vacancy page

  • The option to specify whether hiring managers and/or hiring leads should delete applicants

Of course, the best way to check out these changes is to give it a try for yourself! Or, if you’d like further help, you can visit our help page here: 

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