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Product changes


The new mobile app is here!

As promised back at our "Future of People" virtual conference in 2019, we've released our updated mobile app.

The updated People HR mobile app aims to help you access accurate information, from anywhere. People HR stores all your data in a single place, meaning you and your team can access it instantly, from anywhere.

By using the updated app, you can give your employees a system they'll love, because it is quick to learn and easy to access from any device. The mobile app is a painless way to manage HR tasks like holiday requests, expense claims or performance reviews.

We're currently releasing to users in phases, so the app will be available for you to download in the iOS app store and Android Play store very soon.

Scan through the rest of our news page to see some of our top features, or click here for all our How-To articles on the mobile app. 

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