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Product changes


Enhance your logbooks with a video and audio!

Logbooks are looking brighter and shinier, and that’s because we’ve improved the functionality. We’ve added features requested by customers, alongside features that will help you to streamline your processes.

Firstly, you can now preview a logbook from within the logbook settings. This makes it much easier to see what your logbook will look like when viewed by an employee.

Secondly, we’ve added 4 new fields to logbooks. Which are:

·   Audio instructional

·   Video instructional

·   Text instructional

·   Multiple choice

Last but not least, you can now specify who can sign a logbook, and you can actually lock the editing - so once your logbook is signed by whomever you have specified, no further changes can be made.

To summarise, there are three main additions to the logbook screen – preview, new fields, and changes to logbook signatures.

Please check our help documentation or contact our friendly experts if you need assistance.

Click here on how to customise the logbook and all available field types. 

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