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Product changes


Ripple 2.0 release

It's here! We're pleased to announce to you Ripple 2.0. This update brings several new Ripple features, including a new type of process called Interactive. Interactive processes will allow you to show employees videos, play audio clips, and much more.

Please don't worry, your existing processes won't be affected and your billing won't change. 

What you currently know as Ripple, will become your background processes. These processes will be getting an update too, with new steps and triggers. 

If you're already subscribed to the elite package, please contact your account manager in order to activate your interactive license. Ripple specific training is available. In order to book training, again, please speak to your account manager, or our customer support team.

We've put together Ripple 2.0 FAQ's in order to try and address any concerns you might have:

To learn more about Ripple 2.0 please see our help guides listed below:

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