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Product changes


Get flexible with custom logbook screens

We're taking customisation to a whole new level! Not only have we developed a brand new area to manage your logbook settings, we've brought in range of new field types to transform the forms you use on a daily basis into electronic screens on your People system. 

This means you've got everything in one place, with information that can be quick and easy to view, manage and extract into a report.

With checkboxes, slider controls and signature requirements, the logbooks is your go-to place for any type of information where there isn't a specific screen elsewhere.

 This includes:

  • Exit Interview

  • Medical Information

  • Company equipment

These examples are quite common. But there are plenty of creative ways our customers use logbooks, too. For example, mood indicators that record how each employee feels at the beginning of each day. Click here to find some great examples of what you might use logbooks for next.

As we've moved some things about, take a look at our FAQ on logbook changes and what this means for you. 

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