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Coming soon: Automate HR announcements via Slack

Collaboration platform Slack now boasts over 10 million daily active users. Many companies use Slack to help teams communicate and collaborate, and we know that HR often uses Slack to make company announcements, or to gather employee feedback.

Smooth communication from HR can help you improve employee engagement throughout your organisation. So this year, our developers have been working on a unique new integration with Slack. 

This new integration will help you to automate key company announcements and updates, including birthdays, holidays, new starters, leavers, and work anniversaries. It will let you automatically feed HR data from your system, into your Slack channels, as friendly little updates.

We are very excited about this, as you'll be able to pull all of this data without ever having to search for it manually. 

Your employees will feel more in the loop. You’ll never miss another birthday or work anniversary again. New starters will always get the warm welcome they need. Your teams will all know who is away and when. And all of this, without you lifting a finger.

Watch this space!

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