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Product changes

New feature

Add a third party consultant to your system

As a system admin, you will now be able to manage your consultants without sending a request to the support team first. This will give you full control over who can access your system and will save time when adding a new consultant!

What is a consultant in PeopleHR?

A consultant is a third party who will require full admin access to your system, but may not be employed by you - thus not having an employee login. An example of this may be an external Payroll Team or HR consultant.

Why did we make this change?

For your peace of mind, we will no longer have the ability to add third party access to your database. Your system admins will be able to add/remove a consultant from your system at any time!

Please note:  If you do not have the 'Consultant' tab, please contact to turn this license on for you free of charge.

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